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Geek Responsibly Ep 14: Surprise Guest Ralphie from the Simpsons, Best Friends cheating? Territorial friending! Adventurous Birthdays as an Adult, GOONIES STYLE!


Is there ever a time when you see your best friend(BEST FRIEND) being friends with someone else??? Does it upset you?! 

We hash out Bridget Hugging others! How do you hug? Is hugging people weird? 

Now that we are older we want to have Adventurous Birthdays and Slumber parties!  

Who has had an epic Birthday as an adult?

Thank you all for your comments and support! 

We love you!

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Geek Responsibly Ep 12: A Midweek date that makes your panties drop, the OG of FORTNITE, and stories of Jenna pimpin her ride and ballin her eyes out over boys


This episode we recap on a midweek date and what is considered epicness for a guy to do that would make a date want to drop their panties! You're welcome guys!

Also, Bridget is the OG Fortnite and she goes over essentials for being this way as well.

Sad sob stories from Jenna and her horrible taste of car decorating

A bunch of rambling due to the room getting super hot, hyped up on Mt Dew and coming at you like a spider monkey!

Geek Responsibly Ep 11: Coffee! Vamp Train is back and how it sucks us back in! Pun Intended!


Bridget and Jenna are waking up early and drinking too much coffee for this. 

Vampires are making their way back int the girl's lives and they are loving every minute of it.

Why they are sucked back in and what they think now as opposed to when they first watched.

Also discussed is shows they wish to pick up again, ride the nostalgia train!


Geek Responsibly Ep 10: WOAH! we made it to 10! BOA, Harry Potter, Health tips as a geek and a bunch of ranting!


We made it to episode 10!!!! Bur bur bur buuuurrrr!

We had a plan yet this one didn't go as well as what we were hoping. 

Some excitement about WOW: Battle of Azeroth

Bridget finally reading Harry Potter! Woot Woot

and a bunch of veering off because that is what we do!

Geek Responsibly Ep 8: Funk Moods, Black Holes of Youtube, What Makes Bridget & Jenna Best Friends


Fellow Geeks & Garters!

Before this episode Bridget and Jenna were having awful couple days. Once their Wonder Twin power gravitated into the same room they were REBORN!

How do you get out of your funk moods?

What are your favorite songs to listen to when you are down in the dumps?

What was the weirdest thing you came upon as you were crossing the Black hole of YouTube?

What makes Bridget & Jenna Best Friends??? It is kind of disgusting, listen at your own risk.

As Always,


Geek Responsibly Ep 7: Hot Episode! How do you movie? For The Horde! Jenna is back to WOW


Welcome fellow Geeks & Garters

Bridget and I are back! Our apologies for such the long wait on episode 7 yet I got swept away into the mystical land of World of Warcraft!

We discuss ways that we feel you should movie!

How friggin hot AZ really can be.

Kudos to Blizzard and their epic customer support *I want a job* and how I feel about getting back into WoW.


Thank you so much to those who continue to support and love Bridget and Jenna 

We see you!


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Geek Responsibly Ep 6: What’s your fandom? San Diego Comic Con hype, Comic book Beginners, You ain’t cool unless you pee yo pants


Welcome to another episode of Geek Responsibly!

We had a plan to talk about Fandom and what type you fall under. Are you a key collector or needing every piece of a collection geared towards your fandom? 

San Diego ComicCon coming up quick! Is it just a hype? What were our personal experiences and once you go do you really want to go again? 

Comic book beginners where do you start your collection or reading comics to start expanding your horizon? Local, Comixology, etc

Also, some deep stories that Bridget and Jenna share to completely embarrass themselves. #peetoo

And Always Remember 


Geek Responsibly Ep 4: Skynet Take Over, Geeky Dates/Trips, Shit that makes us feel girlie AF


Here is some epicness for your week! Bridget and myself go over how Skynet is literally planning to take over the world, really just the fact that I love voice devices and Bridget is a baby. Geeky date ideas and trips to go on, and things that make us feel pretty and girlie!

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Geek Responsibly Ep 3: Fandom Haters and Social Media Uproars


In this episode we cover the fandom haters of movies, social media and just life in general. "They hate us cuz they ain't us" -Seth Rogen

We delve a bit more within social media and how you can stop waisting time on being jealous about others and you can use that time into building your own personal branding. We do trail off a lot in this episode so you can see the exact workings of our relationship!

As Always,

Geek Responsibly

Geek Responsibly Ep 2: E3 picks, trolls on the internet and how we became besties


This podcast covers our top 3 E3 picks for 2018. Bridget and I share some experiences that we have had over the mic! (while gaming) And then we veer off to how we met and became the dynamic duo that we are. 

F-bombs will be dropped

You've been warned!