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Geek Responsibly Ep 4: Skynet Take Over, Geeky Dates/Trips, Shit that makes us feel girlie AF


Here is some epicness for your week! Bridget and myself go over how Skynet is literally planning to take over the world, really just the fact that I love voice devices and Bridget is a baby. Geeky date ideas and trips to go on, and things that make us feel pretty and girlie!

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Geek Responsibly Ep 3: Fandom Haters and Social Media Uproars


In this episode we cover the fandom haters of movies, social media and just life in general. "They hate us cuz they ain't us" -Seth Rogen

We delve a bit more within social media and how you can stop waisting time on being jealous about others and you can use that time into building your own personal branding. We do trail off a lot in this episode so you can see the exact workings of our relationship!

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Geek Responsibly Ep 2: E3 picks, trolls on the internet and how we became besties


This podcast covers our top 3 E3 picks for 2018. Bridget and I share some experiences that we have had over the mic! (while gaming) And then we veer off to how we met and became the dynamic duo that we are. 

F-bombs will be dropped

You've been warned!

Geek Responsibly Ep 1: The beginning of the End


Hello fellow Geeks & Garters

This podcast is just an introductory to myself, Bridget, and what more to be looking out for! 

We will be having weekly podcasts covering upcoming geeky topics such as video games, tv series, movies and much more. 

Stay tuned and always remember